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This is the main content on the page. this is where you put your old boring page :]

It's really nothing special with this, except that its crossbrowser! (ie4 and nn4) and its also very easy to customize.

The only thing you have too change in here are: The lefts on div1, div2 and so on in style so it fits the letters you want too have there. and these variables: stop, set it too the place you want the slide to stop numberofdivs, set it too the number of divs you have. (if you make more divs, remeber to set them in the style section) speed, set it too the speed you want the divs to come in (in milliseconds) wait, set it too how long you want it too be before the next layer comes down.(in milliseconds) and if you want the layers to hide after its done sliding set hide to true, and set the time you want to wait until it hides If you want the layers to move up instead of down, change the top value in the style to something big and change direction to '-' instead of '+'