A new section "Funny" has been added to the part "Works". The sketchy plan of our office and the interactive screen saver performed in the Flash are added as well.

The Legus studio announces the completion of the works on the informational CD, produced in the network of the Art Flash 2001 competition, conducted by M. Guelman and the Legus studio. The disc carries information about the competition as well as the works of the finalists and the winners. Unfortunately, over the big size, only the screenshot from the CD is presented in the Net.

The promo site for the advertising campaign of the EPSON Stylus printers. The peculiar design, created in accordance with the customer's corporate style, creative solutions, layout. The site is designed by request of the internet agency Manifest.

The work on the portal cyberfight is completed.

Our studio has designed a new shooting game - "the Hooligan"

From now and on our Flash games are available to the address http://games.legus.ru/.

Regardless of superstitions, the new version of our site is opened.