"Every problem has its solution; the problem is where to find it"
Noel Claraso

"Every work needs more time than you think"
One of the consequences from Murphy's Law


We are guided in our work first of all by a customer's needs. We earn money doing the job that we can do best of all. It means that as the result of it we offer creative and technological solutions, which will find the customer in maximum of results from his project. To reach the aim, we are ready even to argue with our customer, but we know for sure why we do it - we defend his interests in this dispute.

How we work with a customer - let's take it up on the example of creation of web site for an Internet company. Let's look at the process from the very beginning.

Development of style and logo

According to the standards we design three variants of logo. When one of them is confirmed, we develop the style itself: business cards, envelopes, forms of business letters, application forms for orders.

Design-conception and the information architecture

After confirmation of style and logo, the design-conception and informational architecture are developed for the Internet company on the base of the style. Our studio will give you three variants of design in jpeg format.

Optimization and layout

After approval of design, the studio optimizes the site for Internet, develop the navigation menu, makes up the site layout.

Arrangement of the content and testing

After approval of the site model, the studio arrange content on the site, tests it and during the stipulated in the Agreement time gives you the finished variant of site.


If there's a necessity for integration of a database into the Web site, it's made together with site development.