"All the great ideas need both the wings and the landing ground"
Once in the "New York Times"

"A machine must work, a person must think"
Murphy's Laws


Technologies are just the means to reach the aim; they are an instrument of a web master in the process of work. However, one shouldn't forget, the more perfect instruments are, the quicker a work will be carried out. The quality of it depends on the same factor. Besides, The complexity of the instrument corresponds to the requirements to the person who works with it, because it's easier to use a magnifier than an electronic microscope.

The studio has great resources. We master the latest technologies, which exist on today's market. We always follow the novelties, buy the newest realization tools and we are always ready to master any new technology, necessary to solve a customer's problem. If the market is not able to offer a ready product we'll develop our own solution.

It's possible that such terms as Flash, HTML, DHTML, DB-integration mean something to you. We master all of the means perfectly. If this information is not necessary for you, you can be anyway sure, we can offer solutions to optimize your Internet resources. They will surprise you with moderateness of prices as well. You can watch the examples of these solutions in section "Works".