The most popular titles for the week

WinRAR v2.50 update top
is a full-featured archiving utility that can handle RAR, ZIP, ARJ, CAB and LZH files. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 3/99, shareware)
SiSoft Sandra 99 v99.3.5.0 top pick
is an excellent Windows 95/98 system information and diagnostic utility. (Windows 95/98, Mar 11/99, shareware)
ICQ Plus v1.02 update top
lets you customize the appearance of ICQ. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 27/99, freeware)
Photo Clock v0.99 top
displays a fully-customizable clock on your desktop or as your screen saver. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 17/99, freeware)
PowerUp 98 DELUXE v1.0 new top
lets you access many of the hidden options and functions of Windows. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 2/99, shareware)
Dev-C++ v2.0 top
is a C/C++ compiler and development environment. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 24/99, freeware)
WinZip for Windows (32-bit) v7.0 SR-1 top pick
provides an intuitive interface for installing, viewing, extracting, adding, and deleting files in ZIP archives. (Windows 95/98/NT, Oct 28/98, shareware)
McAfee VirusScan 4.x DAT File v4021 update top
is the latest data files for updating McAfee VirusScan 4.x products. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 16/99, freeware)
ScanMail for Outlook v1.0 new top
scans for and removes viruses from your Microsoft Outlook folders. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 6/99, freeware)
Wanted Jobs 98 v1.15 update top pick
lets you quickly search job postings on 32 popular Internet employment sites. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 12/99, freeware)
McAfee VirusScan for Windows 95 and 98 v4.0.2 top
is an excellent virus protection, detection and removal system. (Windows 95/98, Dec 18/98, 30-day trial)
Norton AntiVirus April 1999 Definition Update for NAV 4.0 for Windows 95 and NT update top
is the latest virus definition set for Norton AntiVirus 4.0 (or later) for Windows 95, 98 and NT. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 10/99, freeware)
Adobe Acrobat Reader v4.0 update top
allows you to browse Portable Document Format (PDF) files. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 6/99, freeware)
Digging Jim v1.01 new top pick
is an addictive arcade game based on the classic Boulder Dash concept. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 9/99, shareware)
Go!Zilla v3.3 top pick
allows you to reliably download files at any time of the day. (Windows 95/98/NT, Dec 24/98, freeware)
DirectX v6.1 top
is a set of DLL files that are required to run many of the newest Windows 95 and Windows 98 multimedia applications and games. (Windows 95/98/NT, Feb 4/99, freeware)
3D-FTP v1.0.1 new top
is an FTP client with a photorealistic interface that can be customized with an interface "skin". (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 16/99, shareware)
Desktop Destroyer v1.4 new top
is a screen saver that takes a snapshot of your desktop and projects it into a 3D world, where it is dissected into an arbitrary number of explosions. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 7/99, shareware)
Icoholics Anonymous v4.b top
is an organized collection of over 2,100 icons. (Windows 95/98/NT, Feb 22/99, freeware)
MPEGPlayer v3.33 update top
is a movie file player that supports MPG, VCD, DAT, AVI, MOV, FLI and FLC formats. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 9/99, shareware)
Irfan View v3.0 update top pick
is a fast image viewer that supports animated GIFs and many other image formats. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 9/99, freeware)
DX-Ball 2 v1.0 top
is the sequel to the hit "Breakout" style game DX-Ball. (Windows 95/98/NT, Dec 30/98, shareware)
Microsoft Internet Explorer (32-bit) v5.0 top
is the latest version of Microsoft's full-featured Web browser. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 19/99, freeware)
ICQ (32-bit) v99a beta 2.15 build 1701 update top
lets you communicate with other users who are online by chatting, sending messages, sending e-mail, exchanging files, playing games, and more. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 16/99, freeware)
Shellac v1.0 new top
lets Windows run smoother by enhancing the System Tray, improving the way icons behave, responding to dialog boxes, and much more. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 9/99, 30-day trial)
Norton AntiVirus for Windows 95/98 v5.0 top pick
is a full-featured virus protection program that automatically detects and removes viruses. (Windows 95/98, Aug 28/98, 30-day trial)
Hanami for Windows v1.0.0.5 update top
displays cherry blossoms gently falling on your desktop. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 14/99, shareware)
FTP Voyager v6.1.0.1 top
is a well-designed FTP utility that looks and feels almost exactly like Windows Explorer. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 16/99, 30-day trial)
Norton 2000 BIOS Test/Fix v1.0 top
is a free utility that test your PC's BIOS and performs any fix necessary to repair a Year 2000 problem. (Windows 95/98/NT, Dec 10/98, freeware)
McAfee VirusScan 3.x DAT File v3204 update top
is the latest data files for updating McAfee VirusScan 3.x products. (DOS, Apr 16/99, freeware)
Pretty Good Solitaire 99 v5.0 top pick
is a collection of 300 full-featured solitaire games, including classic games like Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid and Spider, as well as 28 original games. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 19/99, shareware)
GIF Construction Set Professional v2.0a new top pick
is a powerful tool for creating animated and transparent GIF files for the Web. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 2/99, shareware)
AquaScape v1.0 update top pick
is an animated screen saver that lets you enjoy all the sights, sounds, and enchantments of an aquarium right from your desktop. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 13/99, shareware)
GetRight (32-bit) v3.3.3 top pick
is a downloading utility and scheduling program that gracefully recovers from errors that happen while downloading files. (Windows 95/98/NT, Feb 5/99, shareware)
UnPlugged (for Adobe Photoshop) new top
is a collection of over 80 plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 9/99, freeware)
DX-Ball v1.09 top pick
is an exciting and addictive "Break the Brick" clone. (Windows 95/98, Jan 5/99, freeware)
Paint Shop Pro with Animation Shop v5.01 top pick
provides a rich and extensive set of tools for photo retouching, painting, and image and color enhancement. (Windows 95/98/NT, Jun 17/98, shareware)
Wintune 98 v1.0.37 update top
is WINDOWS Magazine's test and tune-up kit for analyzing Windows 95, 98 or NT. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 30/99, freeware)
ACDSee32 v2.4 top
is a fast image viewer and image browser. (Windows 95/98/NT, Jan 15/99, shareware)
SureThing CD Labeler v2.0 new top pick
is an excellent utility for creating CD labels and jewel-case inserts. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 1/99, 30-day trial)
Bleem! v1.0.21094 new top
lets you play most Sony Playstation games on your PC. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 1/99, demo)
InstallConstruct v3.0 new top
is a developer tool for creating distributable packages, setup wizards, and uninstallers. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 13/99, shareware)
Happy99Cleaner v2.1 top
removes the HAPPY99 worm virus from your computer. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 25/99, freeware)
Advanced Hex Editor (A.X.E.) v2.0 top
is a powerful hex editor with a number of advanced features. (Windows 95/98/NT, Jun 30/98, freeware)
WinAMP v2.10 top pick
is an excellent, highly-customizable audio file player, CD player, and MP3 encoder. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 25/99, shareware)
UnPlugged (for Photoshop compatible applications) new top
is a collection of over 80 plug-in filters. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 9/99, freeware)
MP3 Fiend v3.0 update top
helps you locate and download free MP3 audio files on the Internet. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 15/99, freeware)
Mars Maniacs new top
is a fast racing game set on the planet Mars. (Windows 95/98, Apr 9/99, demo)
Bubble Puzzle 97 v1.3c top pick
is a fun arcade game in which you try to burst colored bubbles by shooting and linking three bubbles of the same color. (Windows 95/98/NT, Oct 9/98, freeware)
Mike Stewart's Pro Bodyboarding beta top
is a 3D bodyboarding arcade game with realistic waves. (Windows 95/98/NT, Feb 5/99, demo)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Web Accessories top pick
is a set of browser utilities from Microsoft that enhance Internet Explorer 5. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 19/99, freeware)
VB6 Runtime Files top
includes the necessary DLLs and support files to run programs written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. (Windows 95/98/NT, Oct 8/98, freeware)
The Best Icons v5.0 top pick
is an organized collection of over five thousand 256-color icons. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 22/98, freeware)
Kyodai Mahjongg (32-bit) v8.0 update top pick
is a version of the popular Mah Jongg solitaire game. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 13/99, shareware)
CDex v1.10 top
is a CD "ripper" that reads tracks from an audio CD and saves them as audio files in WAV or MP3 format. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 4/99, freeware)
SnagIt (32-bit) v4.3.2 update top pick
is an excellent screen, text, and video capture and conversion utility. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 10/99, shareware)
CDRWin v3.7c update top
is a powerful CDR writing and CD-ROM mastering system. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 14/99, shareware)
Net Lightning v2.6 top
speeds up your Internet connection by storing DNS server lookup information, and by optimizing your MTU Registry values. (Windows 95/98/NT, Feb 2/99, freeware)
Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace Trailer top
is the trailer for the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode I. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 13/99, freeware)
WinGlobe v1.1 top pick
displays a 3D image of the Earth on your desktop. (Windows 95/98/NT, Feb 6/99, shareware)
Full Screen Famous Dancing Baby Screen Saver v1.0 top
displays the Dancing Baby full screen on your desktop. (Windows 95/98/NT, Dec 1/98, freeware)
Tank Racer top
lets you blast your way around the race track. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 18/99, demo)
Windows Media Player v6.1 top pick
plays local multimedia files or streamed multimedia content. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 1/99, freeware)
CuteFTP (32-Bit) v2.8 top pick
is an easy-to-use graphical FTP client. (Windows 95/98/NT, Jan 31/99, shareware)
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit top
is a realistic racing simulation that lets you get behind the wheel of the world's most desired super cars. (Windows 95/98, Sep 17/98, demo)
Earth Views Wallpaper Collection (800x600) top
includes 10 stunning JPG images of Earth. (Windows 95/98/NT, Jan 20/99, freeware)
Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance top
puts you right in the middle of the epic Star Wars conflict, and takes space combat excitement to new heights. (Windows 95/98, Mar 26/99, demo)
AudioCD MP3 Studio v1.1b top
is a tool for turning MP3 files into audio CD format and recording your own audio CDs. (Windows 95/98/NT, Feb 20/99, shareware)
W32Dasm v8.5 top
is a disassembler and debugger for 16- and 32-bit Windows applications. (Windows 95/98/NT, May 19/97, shareware)
Windows Registry Guide v1.2 top
is a Windows Help file full of tips, tricks and tweaks for adding new features to your PC and improving its performance. (Windows 95/98/NT, Feb 9/99, freeware)
Adobe Photoshop v5.0 top
is an excellent photo design and production tool for digital enhancement, retouching and photo compositing. (Windows 95/98/NT, Oct 6/98, demo)
PKZIP for DOS v2.50 update top
is a high performance, full-featured, standard-setting file compression program. (DOS, Apr 6/99, shareware)
Absolute Fun Fonts v1.0 top
is a set of five decorative TrueType fonts. (Windows 3.1, Mar 26/99, shareware)
F-PROT v3.04a top
is a virus protection package. (DOS, Feb 13/99, freeware)
UltraEdit Professional Text/HEX Editor (32-bit) v6.10a update top pick
is a powerful, full-featured programmer's editor. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 14/99, 45-day trial)
Norton Utilities v3.0.7 top pick
is a set of award-winning tools which can diagnose PC problems and keep your system humming along in top shape. (Windows 95/98, Jul 25/98, 30-day trial)
MotherBoard Monitor v4.02 update top
provides you with information about your motherboard's temperature, voltages, fan speeds and CPU temperature. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 13/99, freeware)
Blobbos v1.0 top
lets you play with and breed happy little colored pets on your desktop. (Windows 95/98, Mar 19/99, shareware)
mIRC 32 v5.51 top pick
is an excellent and very popular IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. (Windows 95/98/NT, Feb 23/99, shareware)
MagicSpell for ICQ beta 011 top
is an add-on for ICQ that can read incoming messages out loud. (Windows 95/98/NT, Dec 5/98, shareware)
WindowBlinds v0.80 top
lets you dramatically change the look and feel of Windows. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 26/99, freeware)
Abe's MP3 Finder v3.0 update top
helps you locate MPEG audio (MP3) files on the Internet. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 10/99, freeware)
Total Recorder v2.0 update top
is a recording tool that can capture any sound that your sound card can play. (Windows 95/98, Apr 7/99, shareware)
WinArj 98 top
is a file compression utility that handles ARJ archives. (Windows 95/98/NT, Oct 1/98, shareware)
ScreenThemes v1.21 top pick
is a wallpaper changer and a screen saver that displays stunning, full-screen digital photographic images. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 12/99, demo)
Netscape Communicator (32-bit) [base install] v4.51 top
is a full-featured Web browser and Internet communications suite. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 10/99, freeware)
Calendar Wallpaper - April to June 1999 (800x600) new top pick
includes three different wallpaper images with 3-month calendars for April, May and June 1999. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 6/99, freeware)
EyePoppers, Set II v2.0 top pick
is a set of seamlessly tiled 3D background images that can be used as Web page backgrounds or as desktop wallpaper. (Windows 95/98/NT, Nov 26/97, freeware)
CheatBook Database 98 v3.0 top
is a collection of over 700 cheats for popular commercial games released in 1998. (Windows 95/98, Mar 25/99, freeware)
Word Translator for Windows: English to Spanish v5.3 top
is a bilingual, bi-directional word/phrase dictionary and translation program. (Windows 3.1, Jan 29/99, shareware)
MicroAngelo 98 v4.72.3110a top pick
is a powerful set of utilities for creating and working with icons, cursors and animated cursors. (Windows 95/98/NT, Oct 22/98, 30-day trial)
Norton AntiVirus April 1999 Definition Updates update top
is the latest virus definition set for all of the Norton AntiVirus products. (DOS, Apr 10/99, freeware)
Microsoft Office 97 Service Release 2 (SR-2) Patch top
is an update for Microsoft Office 97. (Windows 95/98/NT, Nov 3/98, freeware)
CrazyIcons top
is a computer prank that causes your desktop icons to shoot across the screen at random intervals. (Windows 95/98/NT, Mar 17/98, freeware)
EditPlus v1.23 update top
is a text editor with a powerful set of features for Web authors and programmers. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 7/99, shareware)
Beautiful Ink TrueType Font top
is a very detailed, calligraphic font. (Windows 3.1, Sep 22/98, shareware)
Cacheman v3.60 top
helps you improve system performance by reducing swap file usage. (Windows 95/98/NT, Feb 4/99, freeware)
WS_FTP LE for Windows 95/NT v4.60 top
is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client with a well-designed user interface. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 8/98, freeware)
DeskNite v1.0 new top
lets you display a dynamic view of the night sky as your desktop wallpaper. (Windows 95/98/NT, Apr 15/99, freeware)
Phantom Menace Screen Saver top
displays images from the trailer for "The Phantom Menace" Star Wars movie. (Windows 95/98/NT, Feb 16/99, freeware)